Get Help Now

Many people experiencing abuse feel like they are alone and people won’t understand or believe what they are going through. However you’re not alone and there are professionals available who will understand you, believe you and want to help you. Professionals are available to simply listen or to support you should you decide to take action; from planning to leave an abusive relationship to taking those first steps and admitting the situation is abusive and talking to somebody about it.

Anyone who needs to speak in confidence regarding domestic abuse or sexual violence can contact a National Helpline who will put you in touch with your local services, should you want further support.  Or find details of your local services on the WAFE website.

Anyone living in Leicester City, Leicestershire or Rutland can receive support from LWA.  Contact us directly and confidentially to discuss your situation and find out how we can help.

There are also many other professionals, such as the police, GPs, health visitors and teachers, that are able to offer advice and put you in touch with specialist domestic abuse and sexual violence support services.  If you are worried about what will happen if you talk to a professional, further information is available here.

If you are not ready to speak to anyone yet there is further advice available on the following pages around Safety Planning and Planning to Leave.