National Guidance and Research

There is a great deal of national guidance and research into domestic abuse.  This page contains links to useful information and documents.

The Home Office

Call to End Violence Against Women and Girls Report

Call to End Violence Against Women and Girls Action Plan

FGM Mulitiagency Guidelines


The Department of Health

Responding to Domestic Abuse: A handbook for health professionals

Improving Safety, Reducing Harm: Children, Young People And Domestic Violence; A practical toolkit for frontline practitioners

NEW Responding to Domestic Abuse: Guidance for General Practices


The Forced Marriage Unit

Guidance For Frontline Staff – Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines: Handling Cases of Forced Marriage

Guidance For Managers – The Right to Choose: Multi-Agency Statutory Guidance For Dealing With Forced Marriage

Forced Marriage and Learning Disabilities: Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines



Partner Exploitation and Violence in Teenage Intimate Relationships


Domestic Abuse Strategies

Leicestershire Domestic Abuse Strategy