People with drug and alcohol misuse problems

Victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence often turn to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism – or they may be forced to use drugs or alcohol by the perpetrator as a means of control.  Drug and alcohol use can make it more difficult for the victim to keep themselves safe or to escape the abuse.

The perpetrator may say that any physical injuries were caused by a fall when the victim was drunk, and the victim may not remember how the injuries were caused.  It is likely that a victim with drug and alcohol misuse problems may feel embarrassed, making it more difficult to disclose the abuse.

They may feel that they won’t be believed or that their children will be taken away which may prevent them from disclosing.

If you have a drug or alcohol problem and think you are being abused please seek help – GET HELP NOW.

If you are worried about someone else please see our HELP A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER section.

If you are worried you are abusing someone please seek help – ADVICE FOR PERPETRATORS.