LWA Services

“I was believed! This has given me great confidence!”

LWA provides information and advice, as well as practical and emotional support, to anyone experiencing domestic abuse and/or sexual violence in Leicester City, Leicestershire and Rutland.  Outside of this area please use the WAFE website to find your local service.

We have a number of services available which are here to help people affected by domestic abuse and sexual violence to safely escape and start a new life.

All services are delivered by teams of professional, trained and skilled support workers, both paid staff and volunteers.  All workers are given regular line management and clinical supervision.  Policies available on request.


Our main Services


Community-based Adult Services

The Lotus Service is a community based services for adult survivors of domestic abuse, both men and women.  The Lotus Service provides help and advice over the phone and in person in a variety of ways, including practical support, security measures, support with the legal system and resettlement.

Leicester City Family Service

The AKIVA Service provides a range of services for 0 to 18 year olds and their families living in Leicester City, including one to one and group programmes, and support for parents.

Sexual Violence Services

The Amber Service is an independent service providing support to children, young people, and adults who have experienced rape and/or sexually assault.  The Amber Service includes ISVA support for children and adults going through the court process and a team of Sexual Violence Support Workers who support those who choose not to, or are unable, to engage in the criminal justice process.

Group Support Programmes

We run several programmes for survivors.  These programmes help survivors of abuse to understand what has happened to them, why it has happened and to take steps to a more positive future.


What else is available locally?

LWA works in partnership with other specialist services locally.  We call this the Service System.  These partners include:

FREEVA – provide our Helpline, as well as sexual violence services and the perpetrator programme.

WALL – Women’s Aid Leicestershire Limited – provide our accommodation services, including refuge.

Panahaghar – provide our specialist BME refuge.


For more information about these services follow the links below –