Elder abuse

The elderly are often seen as vulnerable and less able to protect themselves. They can be abused by family members or by anyone who is caring for them. The abuse may be physical, with the added complication that elderly victims are more susceptible to broken bones and their injuries may take longer to heal.  They can also be over medicated or under medicated by their carer.

Elderly neglect can lead to victims’ mental health deteriorating as a result of the abuse, but this can easily be explained away as being due to their age. They are often financially abused which can lead to significant amounts of money being taken and debts being built up.

Elderly neglect can lead to the victim being left unwashed and dirty; they may have bed sores, be malnourished or dehydrated. They may be left with no heating or hot water or be in an unsafe environment.

Elderly abuse often means an elderly person becomes separate from their friends and family, and can find the abuse difficult to report. A carer can isolate them from their families meaning they have little or no contact with the outside world.  This makes it more difficult for them to disclose the abuse that they may be experiencing.

If you are being abused please see our GET HELP NOW section.

If you are worried about someone else please see our HELP FOR A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER section.

If you are worried that you are abusing someone please see our ADVICE FOR PERPETRATORS section.


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