Help for pets

There is a strong link between domestic abuse and animal cruelty. 

Perpetrators of abuse often use pets as a means of controlling their victims; threatening to harm, hurt and even kill family pets in order to inflict distress on their victim, or as a means of control or to intimidate them into not leaving.

Pets are members of our family and are frequently a reason that owners choose to stay in abusive relationships, from fear of what will happen to a much loved pet, or that more animal cruelty will be inflicted. 

Abusing an animal, or threatening to, as a way of controlling a human is animal cruelty, it is not acceptable, and it is illegal.

Many areas have access to a Pet Fostering Scheme who will temporarily accommodate a pet, so that victims of abuse can go into refuge, and your pets can be properly cared for whilst you are getting your life back on track. 

Your local domestic abuse service should be able to give details of local pet fostering schemes and how to access them. 

National Domestic Abuse Helpline