Religious and spiritual abuse

Religious and spiritual abuse, in the context of domestic abuse, occurs when a victim is prevented from carrying out their religious or spiritual practices or are forced to engage in activities that are in conflict with their beliefs. Our religious and spiritual beliefs are entirely our own, and NOBODY has the right to make us act or feel otherwise.

This may include:

  • Preventing someone from attending their place of worship
  • Religious discrimination
  • Preventing someone from worshipping at all or in the way they wish to
  • Forcing someone to attend ceremonies for a religion which they do not practice
  • Forcing someone to eat foods that are forbidden by their religion
  • Destroying someone’s religious texts and articles
  • Mockery and verbal abuse of their religion
  • Forcing someone to act in a way which negates their religion
  • Forcing someone to relinquish their religion
  • Forcing someone to partake in a spiritual activity or belief which they do not wish to

If you think you are experiencing religious or spiritual abuse please seek help – GET HELP NOW.

If you are worried that you abusing someone religiously or spiritually please seek help – ADVICE FOR PERPETRATORS.