Stalking and harassment

Stalking and harassment is one of the most common forms of domestic abuse and includes obsessive and repetitive behaviour that causes distress for the victim.

Stalking and harassment may include (but is not limited to):

  • Frequently calling at the victim’s home or workplace
  • Driving past the victim’s home or workplace
  • Following the victim
  • Frequently making contact such as sending letters, text messages, emails or through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Sending unwanted gifts
  • Sending malicious ‘gifts’, such as funeral wreathes or to mark a distressing event for the victim, such as sending flowers on the anniversary of assault
  • Gathering information on the victim by contacting people who know them or by using public records

Perpetrators of stalking and harassment often use advances in technology to pursue their victim.  Further information about the safe use of technology is available on this site – Safe Use of Technology.

If you think you are experiencing stalking and harassment please seek help – GET HELP NOW.

If you are worried that you are stalking or harassing someong please seek help – ADVICE FOR PERPETRATORS.