Male victims

Male victims can be affected in very similar ways to female victims: physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually and financially. However, there are other barriers that men may have to face, for example not wanting to protect themselves in fear of hurting their partner or feeling ‘less of a man’ if they report abuse against them. But this IS NOT TRUE.  Domestic and sexual violence against men is often a difficult subject to deal with.  Male victims may find it hard to report the abuse, as there is still stigma that this will brand them as not a ‘real man’.  They may also fear that they won’t be believed and that there is no support for them.  They may be unsure of their rights and where they stand legally. 

Domestic and sexual abuse against men is extremely damaging.  Men can increasingly feel a sense of shame and embarassment about the abuse, they refuse to seek help for the issue, afraid that speaking out will bring them ridicule.  There are also far less support services for male victims, especially emergency accommodation like refuges and shelters.  Domestic and sexual abuse against men however is prevalent and professionals should take the issue as seriously as female victims, offering appropriate support and advice.

If you are a man experiencing domestic violence please see our GET HELP NOW section. 

If you think you are abusing a man please see our ADVICE FOR PERPETRATORS section.