Abusive relationships

If a person’s behaviour at home makes you or your children feel afraid, that is domestic abuse.

People who experience abuse are likely to change, this may be gradual or sudden, and it may include:

  • A loss of self confidence and esteem
  • Becoming withdrawn
  • Changes in socialising patterns, no longer meeting with friends and family
  • Changes in their physical presentation, such as the clothes or make up they wear
  • Money worries 
  • Always checking in with their partner or worrying about what they will think
  • Unexplained injuries

Abusive relationships can lead to serious injuries, poor health and ultimately death.  They may also damage other personal relationships, for example with children, friends and family and they may prevent someone from living to their full potential.

Domestic abuse affects a wide range of individuals from all backgrounds and is a particularly prevalent and damaging crime.  Domestic abuse involves the misuse of power, where a perpetrator uses abusive behaviour to control their victim.  This can include:

If you feel that you are a victim of abusive behaviour, see our Get Help Now section.