Female victims

Female victims of abuse will be affected in different ways dependent on the abuse that they are experiencing. They may have physical injuries, ranging from minor to very severe injuries which may need medical attention.

Female victims may be experiencing emotional and psychological abuse which can have an impact on their mental well-being.  This can lead to anxiety, depression and eating disorders.  They may become homeless and need emergency accommodation. They may have to take time off from work and this can lead to them losing their employment or they can be prevented from working by the perpetrator.  They may become isolated from family and friends and they lose their support networks. Female victims of abuse can be forced to take illegal drugs or to become dependent on alcohol.  They may be prevented from seeking medical advice which can be extremely dangerous, especially during pregnancy.

In the worst case scenario, women can be murdered by the perpetrator of the domestic abuse – in the UK two women are murdered every week by a partner or ex-partner.

Pregnancy increases the risk of women experiencing domestic abuse.  Researchers found 30% of domestic abuse starts during pregnancy.  Domestic abuse at this time can lead to miscarriage, still birth and the death of the mother.

Women are also at risk of Female Genital Mutilation, especially those from African and Middle Eastern cultures.

If you think you are experiencing domestic abuse please see our GET HELP NOW section.

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If you are worried that you are abusing someone please see our ADVICE FOR PERPETRATORS section.