If someone you are working with discloses that they are experiencing domestic abuse It can be difficult to know how to respond and what advice to offer.

Initially you should –

  • Listen to them and believe what they say. Often one of their greatest fears is that they will not be believed and many perpetrators will have repeatedly told them that no one will believe them.
  • Do not judge them but reassure them that it is not their fault.
  • Do not tell them what to do.
  • Allow them to talk at their own pace.

If you do not know what services are available in your local area you can find them here or contact the National Helpline for the information, alternatively the local police station or voluntary sector infrastructure organisation should be able to tell you.

If you do know your local services offer to make a referral for them or, if they are confident enough to do it themselves, give them the contact details.

If appropriate, provide them information on safety planning, planning to leave and what will happen if they tell a professional.

You could also provide them with information about our mobile phone app RU Safe?